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Steps to make an application

1. Login to https://

2. Then click on the 'ACCESS NOW' RRMS button  (Refer tagging 2A)


3. On the left menu, click the 'OBAS' menu . Then click on 'New Application' to apply analysis service.



4. The applicant information is not required to be filled in. Next, please select the project information ID (Refer picture tag A) to allow the supervisor to approve your application. If no active projects are displayed, the application will be approved by the Head of Department's applicant.


5. Please ensure that the project account information, from marked 'A' to 'Current Balance', is displayed completely before pressing the Save button for further process. (As picture below)


6. To enter instrument information, press the "Add Row" button on the displayed table. 



7. Please click 'Manage Instrument' to complete instrument information



8. The next display is as shown in the image below. Please select an instrument and complete all information before saving. Information quantity in the table can be updated.  Quantity of samples, elements, liters, and days can only be updated if the field is not read-only.



9. After completing the instrument's information, click on the "Back To" button and select "Application" to update the payment mode before clicking the "Submit" button. 


10. Once a request is submitted, the status "Draft" changed to "Submitted" will be displayed on the right side of the application ID. An email will be sent to the project leader or Head of Department (HOD) for approval. After approval, the application will be processed at the secretariat/admin level for verification, invoicing, payment at counter and then update the analysis progress.



11.The current status of the application can be viewed by clicking on the 'Application List' menu in the OBAS workspace. .  


12. To view Invoice, click on Name (Application ID) in the application list. Then click on the instrument table. 


13. Next click on Invoice ID to view the Invoice. 


14. Invoice shown as picture below. Next please select UMS E-Payment by click on 'Make Payment From' (Refer tag no 1). Invoice No will shown in popup window (Refer tag 1A)  before go to the website UMS E-Payment (Refer tag 1B). After a successful payment is made, click on the Payment Inquiry (Refer tag no 2) to update the payment info. Status "Paid" will be displayed on the invoice and then analysis process will be initiated by Instrument Secretariat.