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  1. Click System -> Setup Menu at the right top conner 
  2. Click Document Types button or folder
  3. Please choose the Document Types or Label from the list (if Document Types has been created). If not, please create Document Types
    1. Example : fail atau SIjil Perakuan Akreditasi
  4. Click ACLs button, choose group (if group has been created). If not, please create a group first and then 
  5. Click permissions button then choose 
    1. Cabinets 
      1. View Cabinets
      2. Add Documents to Cabinets 
    2. Document Parsing
      1. Parse the content of a document file
      2. View the content of a document file
    3. Document Types
      1. View Document Types
    4. Document workflows
      1. View workflows templates
    5. Documents -
      1. Create Document Versions
      2. Create Documents
      3. Create new Document Files
      4. View Document Files
      5. View Document versions
      6. View Documents
    6. Mailing
      1. Send document file link via email
      2. Send document file via email
      3. Send document link via email
      4. Send document version link via email
      5. Send document version via email
    7. Smart links
      1. View resolved smart links
    8. Search
      2. Execute search tools
    9. Tags
      1. Attach tags to documents
      2. View Tags